• Frequently Asked Question

    Thank you for your interest with eAwards and providing us the opportunity to work with you on bringing about new ways of improving your Awards entry and judging process. We hope this guide can be of help in addressing your most common questions before you finally engage our professional services. If there are questions not covered in this FAQ, please contact us anytime via email or speak to one of our sales team.

    About the eAwards Platform

    eAwards is a comprehensive online platform that is designed to fit within your organisation’s excellence award and recognition programmes.

    The platform automates the steps in collecting, managing, communicating and judging of awards entries from start to finish. Accessed using a web browser with internet connection, each site undergoes cross browser compatibility testing prior to being released. The eAwards entrant, administration and judging consoles has been optimised for the three major browsers: Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Safari® and Google Chrome and no software installation is required by end users.

    Pricing and Scope of Work

    eAwards is a software as a service (SaaS) company. We customise, design and support the eAwards platform to suit your programme requirements. Our pricing is fixed depending on the scope of your software and server requirements. We do not base our pricing on the number of entries or users and our services covers all levels of customisation, setups, support and hosting from start to end submissions for the Awards year.

    We provide direct assistance and support to your entrants and judges if requested or if needs arise.

    Initial Materials and Time Required to Setup the Portal

    From the time of engagement to the development of the portal (ready for launch to the user community) we recommend at least up to 14 days setup lead time. This would include server preparation, deployments, customisation and testings (internal and external).

    Upon commissioning, we will be requiring the following (subject to availability) materials to begin the work:

    1. Award key dates
    2. Categories and Criterias)
    3. Updated entry forms (or forms that was used from the previous year) if available
    4. Award Contact Person and official award email address
    5. Awards website address (url)
    6. Awards branding and logo
    7. Judging criteria and scoresheets (If available)
    8. Special email notification text (or related special instructions to be included when someone created an account or upon successful entry upload).
    9. Terms and condition documents for entrants
    10. Additional instructions on the number of attachments required for client supporting materials and file size/type restrictions
      (see forms and attachments faq section below)

    Technical Support and Helpdesk

    Direct support to entrants can be extended from 9am-8pm during work hours and on a case by case basis over the holidays and weekends. We normally respond to after-hours request via email depending on the urgency of request ie password recovery and uploading of submissions.

    We always put extra staff on standby during the last days of the submissions and in order to monitor the traffic and to directly assist entrants with their submissions if required. The most common problem that occur at during that time relate to heavy traffic and some entrants uploading a very huge amount of file.

    For administrative related issues, our normal response is the same day, even hours depending on the complexity of requested changes. We usually provide clients with a timeline as to when are we expecting the issue/problems to be addressed.

    Email remains to be the most effective way of communicating issues and we provide two dedicated 1300 telephone numbers for entrant/judges support related matters.

    What are the common issues that are encountered and how do you address them?

    Issue: No email notification received by the entrants upon creating an account or completing the submission.
    Possible Cause: Email spam filters at the client end could have been set as high.
    Solution: Provide clients with direct telephone and support to supply them with their access details

    Issue: Uploading of files takes too long
    Possible Cause: Client could be uploading a very large amount ie videos or 5x each 5mb of file
    Solution: Survey the total size of files and if proven to be large, provide them with alternative means of transferring the files across. Advice on how to reduce their document size and explain that the files are also being accessed by the judges (thus will slow the downloading process). Upon file receipt, assist clients by uploading the data on their behalf using their account. Advice clients of successful upload of their submission via telephone or email.

    Issue: General issues with accessing the online forms
    Possible Cause: Very old browser being used by client eg IE 6.
    Solution: Survey the client browser and version and advice them to download newer versions ie Chrome or Firefox

    Forms and Attachments

    What kind of document attachments can the system accept?

    For most documents – Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and ZIP
    For images - JPG and GIF

    For common audio/videos streaming - mpg, mp4, wmv, mov, flv and avi

    What is the maximum file size do you recommend that can be uploaded as attachments?

    We recommend a maximum file size of 5mb per attachment. For videos and audios the total file size should not exceed 10mb per
    file. If the video file size exceeds this, we recommend that the client uploads the video file on YouTube and we can provide an field where then can provide the url or embed link.

    Please note that the size of files being uploaded affects the amount of time to upload depending on the users internet speed.

    What about word counts and mandatory fields?

    We can provide a restriction the number of words accepted on the form. We can also set any field as mandatory. Please specify which fields will be set at mandatory during the portal setup phase.

    Opening and Closing of Submissions

    Will the system automatically shuts upon closing of submissions?

    No. We normally keep the submissions open until we are told to close them. There may also be some cases where concessions are provided to entrants who are requesting for time extensions. In case we are instructed to close but some time concessions are provided to other entrants, we will close the link to the public entrant portal and provide you with a hidden link for concession holders.

    How would we go about launching and getting the system live to users?

    As most awards program are hosted on a dedicated microsite, you will be linking the url provided by eAwards to access the entrants portal on the How to Nominate section of the site. Upon linking them, the site is deemed to now be ‘live’.

    Administration Console

    Do you provide training on how to use the administration console?

    Yes provide a telephone based and in person (subject to availability) for trainings on how to use the administration console.

    What if we need some modifications done to suit our reporting requirements?

    The administration console is the soul of the system and that is where we monitor the progress of the submission and judging activities. We will tailor and customise the administration console to suit your reporting requirements including page displays, search boxes, excel and pdf reports. Contact us anytime to discuss your requirements.

    Online Judging

    By default, you can allocate up to 12 judges per entry. However, if you need more judges per entry, contact us anytime to assist you with the setup.

    How do I allocate entries to Judges?

    In order for judges to access entries allocated to them, their credentials needs to setup on the system. Judges do not selfregister, they are given their own unique username and password. Depending on the number of judges, you may add them yourself via the administration console or we can assist you via mass exporting your list supplied to us as an Excel spreadsheet. Contact us to obtain the template (if you do not have one) or we can provide you an advice on how to prepare the template.

    Allocating judges to entry can be done per category or through individual or batch allocation in the administration console. You cannot de-allocate a judge who have already made an assessment/score. However, we can assist you in replacing a judge in case conflict of interest arise.

    Other Services

    What else do you do aside from providing the awards submission and judging platform?

    • We custom design, develop and maintain dedicated awards microsite
    • We can recommend additional proven suppliers to assist you ie audit, event management and logistics companies (photography, AV, theming, onsite registration services)
    • We can help integrate your online merchant payment gateways or we can avail you of our existing merchant platform if you don’t have one.
    • As we are a software company, we can build and customise online applications outside of the awards space
    • We have an email marketing facility to assist you with any of your online campaigns
    • We have an online survey platform
    • We can register your chosen domain names and host them in a secure environment
    • We can develop collaterals such as brochures and banners designed for printing

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